Face wipe

          We’ve had a new visitor to the garden in the last few days, he’s been sitting on the back wall, just surveying the perimeter, but a day or two ago he got brave and ventured onto one of the rose arches in the flowerbeds …


          Poor miss sleepyhead – she needed her face wiped.

          I think the fat balls I’ve got in the feeders for the smaller birds might be the attraction, but I’m guessing he can’t get into them himself and the little birds have been away for the last month or so, they’ve only just come back. He’ll have to wait until they re-discover the feeders and drop some bits on the ground for him. 


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Triple frame

          I’ve been playing with my treasure again.  I found another suitable frame in one of Weymouth’s many charity shops.  To be “suitable”  the frame has to be made of wood, be flat and if possible  be unpainted or not varnished.  My latest find fitted into these categories quite easily so I paid the required £2 and took it home to up-cycle with my treasure. 


          I took out the three postcard pictures from inside and replaced them with three of my photos of Weymouth sunrises and gave the frame a little rub with some rough sandpaper and took a “before” photo to compare for later.

          I’ve still not really got the hang of the hot glue gun.  I must remember to be a little quicker – the glue cools pretty quick once it’s left the gun and then if you hesitate for too long because you’ve forgotten where you were going to put your next puzzle piece you’re left with a bit of wood in your hand with blobs of glue which you have to pick off before you can try again. On the other hand, if you put your bit of the puzzle in the wrong place, because of the nature of driftwood, taking it off again tends to leave you with a bit of crumbling treasure and lumps or squiggles of ugly glue to be cut or scraped off.

          Oh, and I must remember that the glue does “exactly what it says on the tin” – it gets hot ! 


          I played until way past my bedtime last night – but that was OK because I didn’t have to be up early this morning – I was happy enough with the left side, but the other three sides still needed a little tweaking.  I like to keep sticking bits on until I can no longer see the original frame underneath.  My mind and my fingers needed to sleep yesterday so I put the frame up on the wall to admire while I drank my last coffee of the day and set about it with fresh thoughts this morning. 


          After a little more sticking, and a bit of tidying up of the over-glued pieces here it is … Ready to add to my shop. 


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Spring flowerbeds


          We’re almost there, spring is arriving in the flowerbeds.

          I’ve spotted the snowdrops and crocuses already, but they’re a little small when viewed through the kitchen window so once they’re at the right stage to move I think I’m going to lift them out and put them into large pots ready for them to open next spring a little nearer the window. The daffs are plenty big enough, so in October I’ll add a few more bulbs for a sea of yellow next year.

          In the meantime, I’ll be watching the roses with excitement to see them growing tall enough to climb the arches and add some height to the beds. 


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I want to be a fish


          Look what the sea gave me today …

          “When I dry out, I want to be a fish”.

          Can you see the fish’s head ?

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Macrame wall-hanging








          And even Hubby likes it.

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Knot the end

          I’ve been busy, not busy doing the things I should be doing, but busy taking a little time out to do some things I want to do, and it turns out I’ve wanted to play with string.

          At first I just used up some leftover wool from my last baby blanket to make some “Bonding squares“.  I enjoyed making the little squares so much that I went out and bought some more wool to make more of them, but when it was time to post my little bundle I found that the postage cost me more than the wool did so that turned out to be not such a good way to bring back a little creativeness to battle the winter blues.


          Next I hit upon the idea of making complete baby blankets and trying to sell them whole.  There’s a cafe I pass most days on the way home from work, “The Palm House Cafe“, apart from the good coffee, they have a craft section where they rent out shelves to local crafters at a remarkably reasonable price for the simple return of extra advertising and increased footfall.  Another part of the cafe is a children’s play area where the children’s grown-ups can sit for coffee and chat while the little ones play, so it’s a natural place to display my baby blankets for sale.


          I’ve set up an “Etsy” shop on an online crafters site, but to do this I needed to make some stock and take photos.   I made a couple of small macrame wall-hangings, then hit upon the idea of bookmarks, originally to practice the knots on, but now a staple part of my craft shelf, along with keyrings, and other reasonable little bits, just slightly above pocket money prices to keep things ticking over.


          My shelf at Palm House is an ideal base to sell my bits and pieces, it has an ever-changing audience of holiday makers through the summer, and a progressing baby-making generation to interest my baby blankets with.


          My Etsy shop is the place to sell my bigger, more adventurous creations, my driftwood picture frames and bigger wall-hangings.  In reality, I don’t think millionaire status is anywhere near the future horizon, January and February are traditionally slow in any kind of market space, but maybe through the summer I’ll break into a small profit, and then there’s Christmas to play with after that.


          For the moment though, I’ve made a couple of little wall-hangings, I’ve made some small bits and played around with a few long-forgotten knots and now I’m playing with a large wall-hanging to just put up on my wall … Until I get bored, or find someone who wants to buy it from me.


          More from before: A little peek further into the world that I’ve “Created“.