Sold !

          I think this photo was taken in 2005, but every year this view reminds me of the 4th March with a smile.

          The 4th of March was the day we first looked at our house with a view to buying it.  The garden was overgrown, front and back, there were cracks in the ceilings, the decor left more than a little to be desired and it had no end of other faults, but as soon as I looked out of the window of the upstairs room which was to be our bedroom the house was as good as sold.  Imagine yourself opening your bedroom curtains on a spring morning to the sight of a pink blossom tree in full bloom.

          Every year since, I’ve watched the tree show it’s colours, but it’s never managed to bloom as early as our initial year on the 4th of March.

          Incidentally, the cheerful daffodils were a later addition.

7 thoughts on “Sold !

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    • Thanks, the “broken” house still needs a lot more fixing, there aren’t any more cracks in the ceilings, the gardens are no longer overgrown and the decoration has been much improved. But the blossom still comes out every year in spring and reminds me of why I like living in this house, even with all it’s imperfections. 🙂

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