To the river

          I always enjoy the walk from Christchurch College to the river, it’s a circular walk which, as the name suggests, can bring you back to where you started.  This is the view from the front of the college heading off down the tree-lined path.

          As you reach the river and see the various ducks, geese and possible rowing crews practicing for a boat race, you can either turn right and visit the Head of the River pub, or left and continue the circle.   Keep to the same bank, don’t be tempted to cross over any ornate bridges and follow along the path alongside the hired punts and peddle-boats.  You get a good view of the college on your left as you walk, particularly pretty at harvest time, looking past the huge round bales of hay in the field.  Soon, you’ll come to a huge tree stump on your right next to the river which is almost opposite a wide, straight path.  This path will lead you back to the front of Christchurch College, thus completing your circle.


5 thoughts on “To the river

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