The castle in Castletown is very well-preserved.  You can follow along inside with a tour guide or just wander the arrowed route at your own pace.  There is a throne room where you can sit next to a waxwork of the royalty of the time and a dining room where more models are sitting down to a banquet.  I couldn’t resist the photo opportunity here and perched myself on the end of a bench.  A passing guide moved one of the wax gentlemen along to give me more room, and handed me a sandwich for me to join in the feast.

          This photo is taken from the other side of Castletown harbour, we stopped at the pub in the picture, The Castle Arms, for some liquid refreshment.

          On our way home from the Isle of Man the in-flight magazine had an advert for Castletown and I was surprised to see they had taken their photo from the same position as mine..

           More from before : pictures and posts about our holiday in the “Isle of Man” in July 2009.

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