Spring bulbs

          I meet a friend for coffee on a regular basis, on one such coffee outing we were sitting in the local Costa eating the first two slices from the lemon cake.  (Sorry, I must pause for sigh and a smile here, if you’ve eaten the first slices of lemon cake at Costa you’ll understand)  We were talking about my latest photos and my friend decided that a visit to Burford was called for.

           I did warn her that I can be embarrassing with my camera whilst trying to get in the best position to capture the angle for the picture I want but it was still arranged for her to pick me up the following Saturday morning for a trip to Burford.

           She was right, Burford was really pretty, it felt as if it had been caught in a time warp.  Old stone houses had tiny manicured gardens, friendly pubs displayed their menus on chalked boards outside and tiny shops displayed their wares on the pavement.

          One such shop caught my attention, a very eagerly awaited spring had finally arrived and there was a variety of spring bulbs displayed in crates and baskets outside the shop.  The cracking and peeling walls and steamed up window added to the feeling that the picture had been  plucked from the pages of an old book.

          Needless to say, I enjoyed the coffee outing and another one to a different destination was planned for a week or two later.

           More from before : a morning in “Burford” in January 2011.


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