We used to have a cat and after a lot of debate eventually named it Toffee, she was a semi-longhaired tortoiseshell with a toffee coloured patch over one eye, hence the name. However, as time went on, she answered best to the short, sharp, shout … Cat, so when I got a rabbit, I just decided to call it Rabbitt from the start. The spelling isn’t a mistake, there’s the surname Rabbitt in my family tree research so I added the extra ‘t’ to make it more personalised.
          Rabbitt’s latest antic is to jump up onto the windowsill to watch the world outside. He did have just one-third of the windowsill but since one of the cactus plants did a belly flop and I had to catch it mid-air, he’s got the whole window to himself and runs back and for, swerving in and out of the net curtain.
         Our house is on a school-run and the children are starting to watch out for him in the mornings on their way to school.

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