No breakfast

           Our last visit to Weymouth was during the last week in March and if, I remember correctly, the summer season was to start the week after we were due to go home.  It was a very relaxed week, we seemed to be sharing Weymouth with painters, decorators and builders from far and wide.

           We stayed in a little guesthouse on the prom for a very much reduced rate and at first I was surprised to find there was no breakfast.  We were provided with a fridge in our room, and given two small boxes of cereal and fresh milk each day, together with the usual coffee-making facilities.

          However the “no breakfast” added to the relaxed pace of the weekend, no rushing into the shower and hurrying downstairs for breakfast before they stopped serving, my husband slept late while I sat in the bay window overlooking the sea, playing on my laptop.

On our last full day there, my husband decided he wanted to go for a drive to Lyme Regis.  He said it was somewhere he’d heard a lot about but never actually visited so off we went.  Lyme Regis was very pretty, we walked the length of the prom from the town to a small fishing harbour and back again.  The one side of the harbour wall was protected by  these huge rocks built up as a barrier against the tide.  I ventured onto the sand to take a closer picture of the seagull playing lookout, but my husband declined and said he’d stay pretty much where he was and wait.

           I returned only a short while later and found him resting his weary bones outside one of the local establishments … with a pint.

           More from before: various visits to “Weymouth” and a weeek in “Lyme Regis” in April 2012.


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