Quiet morning

          I pass this weathervane every morning on my way home.  Its taken me weeks of waiting to find the right light with the wind blowing in the right direction to take the right photo but that’s ok, I can count on it being there every day in the same place at the same time.
          Most mornings are the same, I see the same people in pretty much the same places, I can almost set my watch by them as I work out if I’m late or early depending on how far along the road I see them.  This morning was different though.
          The first feeling I had of something being out of the ordinary was the crowd at the bus stop, the usual slim, ginger-haired lady wasn’t there chatting to the chinese lady, the bus stop was full of strangers queueing up to get on a coach.  They looked like they had been dragged from their beds far too early, yawning and wrapping their coats closely around themselves.
          Further along the road, the young lad with his scruffy jeans and his lunch in a carrier bag on the floor wasn’t waiting for his lift.  A hint of normality returned when the lady with straight blonde hair nodded and said good morning as she passed, but the round lady with her hair scraped tightly back against her head was nowhere to be seen.
          Crossing the roundabout was surprisingly easy and the young man with his briefcase didn’t rush past with his usual air of lateness.  Normally at the train station traffic lights I have to press the button and wait my turn to cross, but I just wandered on, unhurried.
          The smiling lady wasn’t there to say good morning; she has one of those smiles which lights up her whole face. The balding man in his suit didn’t nod a good morning to me without breaking his stride.  The mother and son weren’t there as I turned the corner, and the bus stop outside my house was empty.  This was feeling very strange.
          Then I remembered … It’s Friday 29th April !  They’ve all taken the day off to see a wedding.

2 thoughts on “Quiet morning

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