Photoshop Gargoyles

          Even though I say so myself, I’m quite pleased with this one.
          I’ve been trying to take photos of gargoyles in Oxford for ages but even with the 5x zoom on my new camera I’ve not been able to get close enough.  On my last visit I noticed that one wall of Magdalene College was opposite the Botanical Gardens close enough to the road for me to take pictures from the Garden’s pavement.
          I edged along the pavement, about a metre at a time, taking photos with the zoom on full and brought them home to play with.
          I had the Photoshop Elements 6 program for my birthday last October, chosen for ease of use and the amount of memory it needed.  I’ve been gradually learing new things on the program (very gradually).
          I chose the six best gargoyles, straightened the photo and cropped it to a square.  Then I used my full technological skill to crop all six squares to the same size (trial and error), and joined all six of them together as one photo (in the paint program).

4 thoughts on “Photoshop Gargoyles

  1. I LOVE the Oxford gargoyles! I should follow in your idea and take more pictures of them. Thank you for the inspiration. I love the copyright logo too!

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