Too much water

          We climbed Snowdon via the “PYG Track” last year and for a holiday this year my husband sugested we did it again.
           We had started our climb from a campsite in Llanberis. We have just a basic two person tent and we took two sleeping bags and the memory foam topper from our bed to sleep on.
           Bearing in mind it was September and we had no kettle or heater and it took me over a week to recover from my climb, I agreed with two conditions …
          NO  TENT  …  NO  MOUNTAIN  !
          He booked us a bed and breakfast in Keswick in July and planned a walk up Catbells, which he assured me wasn’t really a mountain.
          We arrived with Keswick in the middle of a drout.  There was a hosepipe ban in place and the gardens and parks were starting to show the strain.  It started raining shortly after we got there on the Friday afternoon,  and continued until about Saturday lunch time.  We set off up Catbells in the rain with our fingers crossed that the weather forcast for a dryer brighter afternoon was right.  It was and by the time we reached the top and had a good view. (See more about the walk here)
          Saturday evening the rain started again and Sunday too was a washout with the sun only putting in an appearance once the rain had beaten us into an early retreat.
          I’d like to think the boat in the picture was already underwater before the rain started

           More from before : a week in the “Lake District” in July 2010.

5 thoughts on “Too much water

    • Thanks, I think this was the first picture I’ve ever taken in the rain.

      The ground was so hard from the drout that the water just rolled down the mountains so the area had flood warnings out during the following week.

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  2. I like your ‘last year’ link… you did explain how to do it but it seems to me you have to update it yourself… I’d place it if it updated automatically! 😉

    PS – I like the effect of the underwater boat…

    • Yes, I do have to update the link myself, It would be good if it updated automatically, but I check in on the blog most days even if I don’t get a chance to actually post, and it doesn’t take long, just a couple of copy and pastes and a click or two. 🙂
      Thanks for checking back on last year, it does me good to jiggle up a few of the old grey cells now and again.

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