Friday morning

          I love markets and every Friday morning the main street in our town is completely transformed by the stalls which arrive here. Flower stalls, fruit and veg stalls, clothes stalls, cake stalls, the list goes on.

          Another regular Friday morning event is “breakfast at Grandma’s”.

          I leave the house at 9.30 am so that if any of the girls are sleeping late or planning on meeting me before I go they know to arrive before then.  Chances are, I pick up one or two of the girls on route, either calling for them or meeting them in town.

          Depending on what I’m taking for breakfast, I either stop at the cake stall in the market (they do the most enormous cakes) or drop into the first supermarket for a newspaper and to see what selection they have for the day, sometimes croisants, some times cakes from the chiller, or a new favourite is a strawberry trifle.

          If the mood for fresh cream takes over, I skip the market cake stall and the first supermarket and head straight for the cake shop.  They do really nice apple or pineapple danish pastries with as much fresh cream inside as they can possible cram in.
          If the cake shop has drawn me past the rest of the street, I drop into the suppermarket at the far end for a newspaper before walking a little further to Grandma’s.
Although I have my own key, ringing the buzzer on the intercom downstairs means there’s a cup of tea waiting as I arrive at the flat  where we eat breakfast and exchange gossip, usually to the background of house buying, gardening or the latest antiques program on the tv.
          I can’t think of a nicer way to spend a Friday morning.

          More from before : bits of “Bicester“.

14 thoughts on “Friday morning

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  6. Reblogged this on Photographic Memories and commented:

    Strange … I clicked on the random blog button to see where it would take me and it brought me to another Friday morning over a year ago. Things are pretty much the same, I went to Grandma’s for breakfast, accompanied by Eldest daughter, we ate croisants for breakfast and drank tea. 🙂

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