Doncaster Town Crier

          I would like to thank Henry Cryer for his smile and for cheering me up after my confidence had been dented at the shopping centre.

          I had taken photos of the escalators from one of the balconies in  the shopping centre, the up and down escalator were next to each other, both crowded and the people milling around them looked like busy ants, I was actually pleased with the photos and sat down to examine them before moving on.

          To my horror, the security guard approached me and asked what I’d been taking photos of, I explained and showed her.  I was then politely informed that there was a photography ban in place and asked to delete them !

          I had been attempting some “street photography”, trying to show the other side of shopping, people looking tired, bored and totally fed up but I think I’ll stick to inanimate objects for the forseeable future.

          Thanks again Henry, I ventured back out with the camera after the rain stopped.

           More from before : Various visits to “Doncaster“.

8 thoughts on “Doncaster Town Crier

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  3. I got the same in Bury’s new open-air Rock Shopping Centre on the day it opened. I got jumped on by three goons. The day after they turned over a pensioner and it made the news. They accused me of being a terrorist. I boycott them now. And we have broken them as they now go out of the way to say it’s a camera-friendly area.

  4. I’m reading your blog with interest (I live in Doncaster so it’s nice to see someone else’s perspective) & I’m shocked that one of the security guards approached you as I have been wondering for a few good years now what it is they actually do! Sad to see it’s that they move on someone like you.

    • Thanks for stopping by, and commenting.
      I get to visit Doncaster at the beginning of each year while Hubby is at a sports competition. (Watch out for some more photos soon) I often wonder what it looks like when it’s a little warmer though.

  5. followed you here from your comment on Gilly’s blog about town criers 🙂
    I can’t believe the security guards stopped you taking photos! You should have said you were a travel blogger that would have shut them up. As someone who lived in Donny for 18 years (I don’t admit that often) I will have a look around and see what else you discovered there. It does/did have one of the best outdoor markets in the country.
    Jude xx

    • Thanks for popping over. 🙂
      Henry Cryer was wonderful, my confidence was at an all time low and I’d just been to the Tesco to buy supplies to hide out in the hotel for the rest of the weekend when I met him.
      He was unsurprisingly easy to find on Facebook so I was able to post him a link to his Thankyou.
      Doncaster market? … yes, really good, and still there last time we went.
      If you still fancy more Doncaster, follow the more from before link at the end of the post, also you might enjoy Conisbrough too, use the who, what and where drop down list… it snowed. 😀
      Thanks again for stopping by. 😀

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