Good food

          This memory is fading fast so I’m going to hold onto what little I have left and possibly add to it later.

          Judging by the date of the photo, this was taken the day after I climbed Snowdon.  My husband ventured down to the water’s edge while it seemed I remained crawling along the prom after the previous days excursion.

          It wasn’t our first visit to Llandudno, we’d been for a weekend sports competition before, The Great Orm is visible behind the pier in the picture, and although my husband would quite happily climb it, he took me up in one of the cable cars.

          One thing stuck fast in my memory from our first visit, an Italian restaurant … Valentino …  It’s a small, family run establishment hidden away above a steep flight of stairs, there’s no shop front, just a door with the name above it.  Definitely a hidden gem.

          I had chicken, wrapped in puff pastry, with an accompanying mushroom sauce and a choice of pasta or chips to go with it.  My mouth is watering now as I think of it.  It was so good that since we were so close on our trip to Snowdon the one day stopover at Llandudno was arranged simply so that we could visit Valentino again.

          It was a bit of a risk as it’s the best Italian meal I’ve ever tasted but they didn’t disappoint and I can’t wait until we’re near enough to drop in again.


4 thoughts on “Good food

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  2. I was going to ‘like’ this again but you can’t ‘like’ something twice 🙂 I think this was one of the first images I saw of yours and I still love it. I go to the sea to reflect and unwind.

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