Clotted Cream

          As a child I remember holidaying at the various camping and caravan sites in the Torbay area most years.  Invariably this would end up with a visit to Dawlish on the way home.

          The black swans fascinated me, I had never seen black ones before, and have only seen them since on a trip to Doncaster where they were swimming at Lakeside in what little of the lake wasn’t frozen. (see my post “Frozen“).

          Every year the trip to Dawlish would involve a visit to one shop in particular, an ice-cream shop where we would choose our flavour of ice cream and have it topped with a scoop of real clotted cream.

          I am one of three girls, so since none of us like clotted cream, we all had to wait patiently while my dad very generously ate the clotted cream off all three of our ice-creams so that we could get to the flavour we had chosen underneath.

          Years later, after holidaying in Torbay with my husband and our own three girls, we stopped at the same ice-cream shop and I was amazed to find that they still did the ice-cream with a scoop of clotted cream on top … but only if you paid extra for the clotted cream.

        Hmmmn, and to think we fell for that one every year !


5 thoughts on “Clotted Cream

  1. Did your girls also have to have the cream on top? Memories of a different kind… every time I hear the term clotted cream I think of the late David Shepherd, the much respected umpire from down your side of the pond…

  2. It’s a bit strange because as you’ve been looking at some of my older postings I’ve been looking at some of yours! Your reminiscences have brought back some of my own, and I know this is my second visit to this post, but today it brought back memories of a family holiday at Dawlish Warren in the ’70s. I didn’t want to go and begged to be allowed to stay at home (I was about 14 or 15 at the time) but my parents insisted I went along with my little brother. I was a complete stereotypical moody teenager for the duration and saw very little of Dawlish Warren!

    • I like the “random post” button, it throws up some good surprises.
      My “reminiscences” have a knock-on effect with me too, the photo triggers a memory and then that memory very often triggers another and so on.

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