Family inheritance

          Reading another blog “The Family Face” yesterday, reminded me of my family resemblences.  I’ve often been told how much I look like my Dad but I only catch a glimse of it now and again.

          Lets face it, everyone smiles at themselves in the mirror from time to time. If a new hairdo pays off, or if you’re particularly pleased with a new top etc but I still never really saw my Dad in my reflection until I went to  Venice.

          I went with my eldest daughter, quite an adventure in itself,  “Room with a view“, but the first thing we bought on arrival at the airport was a week long buspass to the waterbus. Incidentally, the best buy of the week.  Hopping on and off the waterbus we went where we went, whenever we wanted.

          Rialto was one of the busy tourist stops and I decided to take a photo a little different from the usual tourist shots, catching our reflections in the windows of the stop as we arrived on the waterbus.  As we pulled up I grinned at our reflection … and there was my Dad grinning back at me.   I guess I use the same expression to grin at my girls as my Dad uses to grin at me.

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9 thoughts on “Family inheritance

  1. Holidays… they have their uses!! 😉 Enjoy the next trip… France, now that’s for me! Make sure you get another reflecion to post… one hand the camera… the other a glass of vin rouge… 😀

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