Sculpture by Rabbitt

          Undecided as to which picture to tie in with which memory for a post today I visited the “little girls room” as a ploy to wake my brain up and todays photo is what awaited me there.

          Rabbitt has the run of downstairs when he comes inside.  A few strategically placed obstacles protect wires and seemingly tasty bits of wallpaper but he’s usually pretty good.  Upstairs the bedroom doors are closed before he comes in from the garden, the bathroom and toilet room are pretty boring so he doesn’t bother much about them.

          I’d heard him making a lot of noise upstairs earlier but before I ventured to investigate he was back downstairs running around my feet so I forgot all about it … until just now.

          The tall stack of toilet rolls is now leaning precariously in the corner and the two bottom ones have taken on a distinctive shredded appearance.

          By the way, I don’t take my camera “everywhere” with me, I did have to come back downstairs to pick it up for the photo.


4 thoughts on “Sculpture by Rabbitt

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