Shopping bags

          I treated myself to a couple of new shopping bags.  I’ve been using two little black ones and they’ve gone in holes in the corners so for the first one it wasn’t a want, it was a need.

           I bought them at my local supermarket, they’re designed by Orla Kiery and part of the proceeds go to the charity Clic Sargent. The orange one with the pear pattern came first, I love the colours and I particularly like the way the handles are just long enough to slip over my shoulder.

           Last time this supermarket sold their charity bags, they were designed by Cath Kidson.  One style at first which quickly sold out, followed by a number of different colours and patterns.  I missed out that time so after buying the first design I held my breath as I watched them sell out and waited for another design to appear in store.  Hurray for the black and grey one, I thought it was never coming.

           I don’t drive so I carry my shopping, a small amount at a time split between two bags so as not to make my back ache.  Folding one bag carefully I can just squeeze it into the base of the other one so that I only have one bag to use until I need the second, then hey presto, out it comes.


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