Rabbitt … R.I.P

          I’m struggling to find happy thoughts today so here are a few for me to look back on later.

3. 12.09.10a

11. 18.09.10a

17. 27.09.10a

22. 01.11.10a

25. 30.11.10a

33. 20.01.11a

41. 20.04.11a

          More from before : “Rabbitt


9 thoughts on “Rabbitt … R.I.P

  1. Love the photos of your Rabbit. It’s very sad when a friend dies and he was quite obviously a special friend to you.

    Hugs from across the world – Judith 🙂

  2. What a beautiful, happy-looking rabbit. I lost a dear rabbit in November. It’s very hard. I am sorry for your loss – but also pleased to see what a marvellous life your bunny clearly had.

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