Another hidden gem

          There are two sayings which spring to mind today …

          The Camera never Lies … and … Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder.

          This is Southampton.  Yes I have got it right, Southampton.  Not one of the usual views you’d expect to find hidden away in somewhere like Southampton but it’s not even all that hidden.  The old city walls  are easily found, with the “Bar Gate” taking pride of place in the centre of town.  From here it’s just a case of following your eyes.

          The tower in the foreground above is Catchcold tower with Arundel tower in the background.  I played around with different positions for ages before I decided on this photo.

          Below are the same two towers from the other side showing the side of the shopping centre West Quay.  As would be expected, Southampton is really good for shopping.  I loved the way the West Quay has been built with its own tower on the corner complimenting the old walls instead of clashing with them.

          It was a wonderful sunny day, you’d find it difficult to believe it was January from the pictures.

           More from before: Off the beaten track in “Southampton“.


4 thoughts on “Another hidden gem

  1. Thanks,
    If you’re going to Southampton again, check out the post “Still Waters” also filed under Southampton in Who, What, When and Where.
    If you follow the line of the wall away from the West Quay the Ocean Villiage Marina is pretty much a straight line from there, on the left, and well worth a visit.

  2. How interesting! I’ve been to the West Quay centre, but must have approached from a different direction as I don’t recall the walls and tower. I’ll have to check them out next time. Thanks Hallysann.

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