I had one particular friend in school, you know the type, the sort who is willing to hide with you underneath the wooden steps of the temporary classroom throughout the whole of lunch break because the bullies have threatened to throw you in the sandpit for your birthday.

          I married and started my family and she left town and went away to college and sadly we lost touch.

          Amazingly, about fifteen years later, my mother was heavily involved with the W.I. (Women’s Institute), started going to a regional W.I. meeting once a month and met up with my friend’s mother who was there representing a different region.  My new address was passed on and we were put back in touch.

          My friend came to visit me in my new house with my young family and it was as if the fifteen years had only been about a fortnight.

          With life as busy and hectic as it is, we only manage to see each other about once a year, if we’re lucky, but we keep in touch with the joys of modern communication.

          Last time we met, we spent the day in Oxford, my friend likes her camera too so like a couple of tourists we climbed to the top of the Carfax tower.  Timing was of the essence as we had been pelted with heavy showers all day and the sun had just given us a brilliant blue sky to photograph the skyline.

          Somewhere between entering the tower and climbing the steps, the clouds had closed in again but what a view, we were greeted with a rainbow.  Imagine us prancing around the top of Carfax tower with our cameras in the rain, laughing like a pair of giddy little schoolgirls.

8 thoughts on “Schoolgirls

  1. I’m so happy for you both that you were able to reunite. It’s amazing how time flies, yet with friends like that, you can always pick up right where you left off. Oxford looks beautiful with the rainbows. Good for you for going for a little climb up the tower!

  2. Those are some wonderful pictures. I like the contrast between new and old architecture and of course, the gorgeous rainbow. 🙂

  3. I love the view from the Carfax Tower and how lucky you were to get a picture with a rainbow. I am glad that you got to spend this time with a good friend.

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