Photoshop weather vanes

          I’ve been hunting these weather vanes out from all over town to put together into one picture.

          The carthorse on the left you’ve already seen, I pass it on the walk to and from work, see the post “Quiet morning“.   The Cockerell is to be found on the top of the bandstand in the park housing the Town Council offices.  The coach and horses are hidden away on top of a large metal shed in one of the residential streets near to town.  But the fox – this has stumped me for months.

         I’m just trying to work it out now, I must have last seen the fox about ten years ago because we’ve been in our house now for over eleven and  I was introduced to it on a school outing just after we’d moved here.  My two youngest were still in primary school and I volunteered as a “mum” to go on one of the school trips.  I think I had as much fun as the children learning about my new town.

         We were split up into groups of five, one adult to every four children (the teachers had the naughtiest groups, we had the easy ones) and we all trooped around town following directions and answering questions on our treasure trail papers.  We had to tick boxes as we found the items and sometimes answer questions to prove that we had seen them.

          I learned a lot; I learned that some of the windows on the old buildings weren’t actual windows at all, they were painted onto the wall where the original window had been. One of the old taxes on the townsfolk was a window tax.  I guess the powers that be figured that if your house was big enough to have lots of windows, you could afford to pay more tax.  The people soon got wise on that one though, bricking their windows up so they had to pay less tax.

          I also learned that there is one house in our town with two addresses, there is a long street which is actually two streets joining in the middle.  the house with two addresses was originally two houses.  One at the end of the first street, and the second at the beginning of the second street.  They are very small houses so when someone bought two together and converted it to one house.

          Amongst the boxes we had to tick, there was a lion and a unicorn; these were carved above the door of one of the local banks … and the fox weather vane.

          After wracking my brain to think where the fox was, I just happened to glance up walking through the main shopping street, and there it was; on the roof opposite the arcade where it had been hiding for at least the last ten years.


8 thoughts on “Photoshop weather vanes

    • Thanks, slightly more challenging than the gargoyles because I had to crop to different shapes but surprising easy when you read the instructions 🙂

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