Going up …

          Looking back through my posts it occured to me that I have a whole file of photos from my climb up Snowdon and I’ve only posted one so this post is to correct that.

          We caught a bus from Llanberis to Pen-y-pass, this is the “base camp” for both the Pyg track and the Miner’s track.  Below is a view looking back on Pen-y-pass from the Pyg track.

          As we got a little higher, we could see the two lakes beside Llanberis in the distance, Lyn Peris is behind, and Lyn Padarn is to the front.

          At 1925 feet high the track reaches a point on the mountain called Bwlch-y-Moch where it swaps from one side to the other and you get your first view of the Miner’s track crossing the lake, Lyn Llydaw below us at 1416 feet.  Incidentally we had our first view of the sun for the day here too.

          Our first view of Snowdon summit was to follow shortly after this, looking upwards to what was turning out to be a beautiful blue sky.  The lake, Lyn Glaslyn is snuggled in below Snowdon’s peak at 1971 feet.

          A little while later we came to one of the cairns helping to mark the route to the top.  A cairn is a pile of stones used as a marker to show the way.  It’s tradition to add a stone to the pile as you pass it.  The tiny stone on the top is the one I added.

          Next is a climb up a steep zig-zag path to Bwlch Glass at 3258 feet.  The stone erected at this point to show the top of the Pyg and Miner’s tracks is shown on my post “Pyg track“.

          From here, it’s just one more push to the summit of Snowdon at 3559 feet.

          Read the next post for photos of “... comming down“.

9 thoughts on “Going up …

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    • Snodoinia is very “hilly” with lots of lakes 🙂
      I’ve only been to Scotland once, we went to Perth for a sports competition over a weekend. I had worked the night before and my husband drove all the way there without stopping (silly man), I went to sleep as we left and woke up when the sat-nav said “you have reached your destination”.

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