… Coming down

          After “going up” Snowdon via the “Pyg track” we’re coming down via the Llanberis Path …

          This is the plaque at the very top of Snowdon, the lines are pointing out from the centre to tell you what you can see in all directions … or what you could have seen if it hadn’t been so cloudy.

          The sun tried again to come back out, this is the view of the opposite side from the pyg track taken from bylch glas.

          Off we trudged down the Llanberis Path as the steam train puffed off in front of us.  I’ve never actually taken this train ride, maybe I will one day when I finally have to admit I’m too old to climb Snowdon (instead of just finding excuses of why not to do it).

          We crossed underneath the railway line and the path was laid out in front of us.  I think that’s the far end of the lake Llyn Padarn in the distance, and although you can’t follow the path with your eye behind the next mound, it appears again a little further down by the half-way-house.  A small cafe on the way up (or down) the mountain.  They were just closing as we arrived … I didn’t fancy walking to work each day for that job.

35. Llanberis path.

          We made our way through the gate which signalled we were almost back as Llanberis and anyone who is getting to know me, won’t be at all surprised that I chose to take this view of the wall signalling the end of the mountain rather than a picture facing back up towards the mountain itself.

More from before : posts about “Llanberis” and pictures of “Snowdon” from our climb in 2009.

13 thoughts on “… Coming down

  1. I’m very impressed Hallysann. If you consider yourself a ‘plodder’, I don’t know what that makes me! Great photos and descriptions – and a wonderful wall! Thanks for the journey.

  2. Great pics, especially like the picture of the path. It makes me want to follow it into the distance, nice job 😉

    • Thanks, I was very lucky with the shots – just pointing and pressing the button in between plodding, but it was so easy to take good pictures because everywhere you looked was just as stunning.

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