Black and white pinecones

          These are the pinecones I found in the grass featured in my post “weather forcaster“.  This my first attempt at playing with black and white.  I think the blades of grass stand out more as individuals instead of just being a green frame for the pinecones, but the cones disappear into the grass instead of being the focus of the picture.

          I went out again today and took some more pinecone pictures, this time on the bark floor.  I think the original is better.


4 thoughts on “Black and white pinecones

  1. Brilliant idea! The pinecones make a very good subject for B&W photography. I agree with you about them disappearing a bit in the grass in the first shot, so possibly a place with a plain background and the pinecones making a shadow on the ground might work well – or a grouping with several of them – I don’t know.

    I love the colours in the original second shot and the way the colours in the pinecone match the bark chippings – very pretty.

    I look forward to seeing your next experiment. I’ll be experimenting too this weekend 🙂

    • Hmmmn, I like the original colours in the second shot, but on closer inspection, the slightly blurred background means the black and white pinecones don’t disappear into the picture as much as on the first shot.
      Will experiment with a few more old photos and post another if I find a good one.

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