How and why ?

          These are the dandelions I used in a previous post “Weeds“, I’ve changed them to black and white.
          I think I’ve mastered the how, but I’m still not quite sure of the why ?

12 thoughts on “How and why ?

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  2. For photography, I think the answer is similar to that of those who climb mountains: Because you can. 🙂

    I like both. The color is wonderful in the first. The texture comes out more in the black & white version. And either way, the composition is nice.

    • Hmmmn, I climbed Snowdon and proved that I can, but I’ve chosen not to do it again.
      I’m still undecided about black and white photography though 🙂
      Thanks Robin.

  3. I like both, with some images, I feel that the color is too much or there are too many colors and it is noisy, so I go for muted colors or black and white. With flowers, sometimes it makes them so much more dreamy to go with monotone! With portraits I find them sometimes so much more dramatic in black and white, I guess it is about going with your feeling about your shot! It is your art after all 🙂

    • Thanks Mimo, I hadn’t thought of my photos as art before 🙂
      I guess the colours make me look more at the picture as a whole but with the black and white I find I’m looking at individual textures and leaves which were absorbed into the colour.

  4. I like both versions – great choice for conversion. I agree with mimo with regard to going with your feelings about a shot. It’s that which counts the most for me anyway.

  5. I agree, you have to trust your gut. Sometimes I process in black and white because it’s more suitable to the subject. Sometimes it’s simply because the color version looks bland and boring and with a bit of post processing, I can create a totally different look and feel of the image. In the end, yes, trust your gut!

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