This is a picture of a veg stall in an indoor market.  It could be one of many stalls in any number of markets I’ve visited but this one was in Doncaster. There were two or three veg stalls in a row but this one was very cleverly lit, the lights made the colours brighter and the imagination made the fruit look bigger.  I took a couple of snaps while wondering how long it had taken them to stack the stall that morning.

          I do like markets, not least because of the variety of pretty much everything under one roof (or not under roof as the case may be) but mostly because I love a bargain.  The girls disown me regularly because I do love to haggle the prices.

          I went with my mother-in-law to help her buy a cooker when she moved house.  We went to one of these “out of town” shopping areas with more than one electric superstore to browse around to compare prices.  We found the cooker she wanted in two stores, both priced the same but delivery was a whole £1 cheaper at the other store.  My mother-in-law isn’t a great shopper, she, like my husband, likes to go to a shop, buy exactly what she wants, then go again.  Me, I like the whole shopping experience.

          I took a deep breath, ready to enjoy my haggle … ” Is this THE price ?” I asked, “can you do it any cheaper ?”

          My mother-in-law looked at the floor, wishing it would swallow her up … the shop assistant apologised at the price but said she couldn’t knock it down as it was already a sale item.

          Hmmmn … ” Fair enough”, I smiled, “but it’s the same price as next door and their delivery is cheaper than yours ?”

          The assistant was very appreciative of my efforts and gave us free delivery for the cooker. 🙂

          More recently, my daughter was buying some plastic trunking to protect some wires from her nibbling house rabbit.  Trunking is expensive enough as it is, especially as the only two lengths they had left were battered and a bit split on the ends.  We picked up the one better piece and uhmmed and arrhed a little about whether to buy it.

          Another customer picked up the other piece while we were thinking, (oh no!) I helpfully pointed out the split ends and he put it back and walked away with a bigger, more expensive piece instead so I quickly picked up both broken pieces and marched my daughter off to the customer service desk where the friendly assistant smiled “Can I help you ?”

           I actually answered “I’m hoping we can help each other ” (even I cringed at how corny I sounded) ” I need about 6 feet of trunking”, I explained, showing her the split ends.  ” I can get enough good trunking out of the middle of both lengths for my needs so if you’d like to give me both pieces for the price of one, I’ll take both broken pieces off your hands”.

          I could feel my daughter shrivelling up with embarrassment behind me, but the shop assistant was more than happy to be rid of the two broken lengths and we walked away with a bargain.  Once we’d cut away the broken bits we had about a length and a half of good trunking to play with.

16 thoughts on “Haggle

  1. Wonderful, colourful photograph! It’s really cheerful. It’s all stacked so perfectly and each item looks like it’s been polished!

    Good for you for striking a bargain. It’s something I’m not so good at.

    • Thanks, this stall looked so much more inviting than the next one. The lighting obviously did what it was supposed to .. although I didn’t actually buy anything.

  2. Good on you Mam! I like your style… wouldn’t want to be a shop assistant in your area though!

    PS: I love markets as well… really got educated in France! 😛

    • Thanks, I do like a bargain. I went to a market in France, it was sixteen markets in one place, I had a great time. I’ll put that one in another post.

  3. I just love markets particularly open air markets. And good for striking your bargains. I am sure the man with the broken trunking was glad to get rid of both pieces.

    Judith 🙂

    • Thanks, and thanks for the “trackback”. I’ve been inspired by so many other blogs and it’s really nice to be inspiration for someone else 🙂

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  5. I love haggling! Here in Dubai we haggle everything as a matter of principle – sometimes its hard to get out of the habit when we visit the UK so its nice to hear that some shops are open to it!

    • I figure I’ve got nothing to lose, I can just pay the original price if they don’t want to haggle so why not give it a go anyway.
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  6. Wonderful photo — and a wonderful haggling success-story as well. I especially liked your “I’m hoping we can help each other” line; may I steal it? 🙂

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