I saw this on my way home this morning, I was just plodding so it took a couple of seconds to register and I plodded in reverse to take the picture before carrying on home.

           I love this fence, it’s made up of half logs fixed together in a trellis pattern with the plants growing through the gaps.  Today I noticed the crate and milk bottles through one of the gaps.  Glass milk bottles are becoming a rare sight these days, I’m as guilty as the next person for buying cartons and plastic bottles from the corner shop or local supermarket.  The poor milkman is struggling to make a living.

           The milk bottles reminded me of my teenage times – many moons ago – I had a paper round and the sight of glass bottles was a regular sight to me each morning.

           I didn’t gain very much from my paper round financially, I probably spent almost as much as I made in the newsagent on sweets to eat while walking around with my heavy paper bag.  It was pleasant in the summer, being up before pretty much everyone else and enjoying the quiet streets but winter wasn’t so much fun. The round set my work pattern for the future though, if I didn’t get up and go out then I didn’t get paid.  If I wanted a holiday I had to arrange for a friend to cover for me and if I overslept I would have to promise my little sister at least half of that days pay to come with me so that I wasn’t late for school.

           Years later I helped to set my girls’ work patterns too.  They used to earn their pocket-money by doing chores around the house, each chore had a price tag, they had their own lists to work on, if they didn’t want to do them, they would “sell”  their jobs to someone else to do. I paid holiday pay if we went away and sick pay if they were ill … and overtime was available, usually from dad in the form of washing the car for a lot more than it would have cost at a car wash.


11 thoughts on “Milkman

    • Thanks, the milkmen are fighting back here, I believe you can order groceries online from them and have them delivered to your door with your milk in time for breakfast the next morning.

  1. It is a beautiful fence and those milk bottles sitting in a row inbetween really create a nostalgic scene – although we have milk in bottles delivered here. We’ve had a milkman for a few years now and he has never let us down; even during the bad winters we’ve had over the last two years he has always arrived with our milk.

    • I remember our milkman being just as reliable, every morning without fail we used to be able to reach just outside the front door, still dressed in our pj’s, to pick up a bottle of milk for our cereals before school 🙂

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  3. I saw this image in your ‘More from Before’ grid and had to come and have another look. I also love the fence!

    We still have a milkman and during the recent frozen snowy weather which brought our village to a standstill (including the mail) the milkman still turned up with our milk. What a great service 🙂

    • Great service seems to be becoming a think of the past, supermarkets could learn more than a lesson or two from the tiny little businesses on this score. 🙂
      The “More from Before” grid is made up from a widget using the stats of the top pages clicked on in the last 48 hours, it takes into account all and any clicks, from my regular readers, facebook friends and from visits generated by search engines too. I thought it was an interesting way to see what was actually being looked at on the blog. 😀

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