Curiouser and Curiouser

2011-04. Bleinham rabbits.

          This picture was taken back in April when I visited Bleinham with a friend from work.  I liked the way the sun caught the lake, but I liked the rabbits too.  I didn’t manage to get any good pictures of the rabbits, they were all too quick but here’s a rabbit hole underneath the tree.

          Which leads me on nicely to what is so curious today …

          You’ve met Roger … and seen how he likes to dig in the post “Muddy Feet“.  Well this time I left him to dig and didn’t fill the hole in as I usually do.  The hole became a tunnel and Roger would disappear out of sight.  I started to tap two stones together at the tunnel entrance and give him treats when he came out as called, with a tiny but growing amount of success.

          Anyway, the other morning he disappeared into his tunnel and came out head first instead of the usual tail first which I assumed meant he was able to turn around inside now.  He disappeared inside again so I left him to his digging and went in side the house and promptly fell asleep on the settee.  Two and a half hours later (oops!) I went out to find him … and the tunnel had gone !

          It had been filled in with a neat mound of earth on top of the entrance hole !  My first thought was that my other half had got up while I was sleeping and filled it in.  My second was that Roger had dug through to next door and they had returned him and filled his hole in while I had been sleeping but the gate was still firmly bolted shut so the only option left was that Roger had filled it in himself.

          It was indeed a puzzle.

          Finally today I know the answer.  As I left for work last night my other half noticed a small hole near the area Roger had been digging, he pushed the hole with his foot and it caved in.  The rain over the last few days had washed away the roof of what looked like a small cave at the end of a metre long tunnel furnished with a few mouthfuls of cut grass to add comfort.

          This morning before Roger came out to play, I poked and prodded the cave and the tunnel looking for a second exit.  There wasn’t one so Roger hadn’t got into next door’s garden and the only answer to the puzzle is that Roger had filled in the entrance to this underground cave himself …

          Curoiuser and curiouser indeed.

2011-06. Roger digging.

           More from before : a wander around “Woodstock” and Blenheim Palace in April 2011.


6 thoughts on “Curiouser and Curiouser

  1. Wow, that really is baffling. I have two dogs and thankfully they’re not diggers. I don’t know the first thing about rabbits, so I can only imagine what happened with the other end. Truly puzzling!

    • I don’t think there ever was an other end. The cave where the tunnel had stopped was neat and roundish with some grass in it, I think he made a new house and possibly blocked it off to return to later. It didn’t seem to go anywhere else. Very strange 🙂

    • We think we’ve solved the puzzle about Roger’s behaviour … He’s a She !
      We got Roger because his previous owner wanted a girl and Roger was a boy so didn’t think to question it. The cave underground appears to have been a nesting chamber, neatly covered and saved for later. A visit to the vet next payday should prove interesting.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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