Umbrella puddle

2011-07. Orange puddle.

          I did the soggy walk home last week, plodding along looking for a “rain photo” I watched the rain drops splashing on the ground and the reflection of my orange umbrella flashing in and out of the puddles as I passed.  I combined the two and looked for a puddle big enough to show the raindrops and the reflection but the rain stopped before I found this puddle and I only have the reflection to show for my search.

          This isn’t my first big orange umbrella.  I used to have a reputation for losing my umbrella so when I found my first orange umbrella it was a “must purchase”.  You know the ones I mean, when you really shouldn’t spend that much on something that you don’t really need, it was definitely a want rather than a need, and at the wrong side of payday, but I bought it anyway.

          I had the umbrella for ages, so long in fact that it started to break before I lost it.  One of the ends came off and I kept it safe in my purse to sew back on later.  Then … I lost the umbrella. I don’t know where it went – obviously, or it wouldn’t be lost.

          A few weeks later I had a text from my sister … ” sent you a parcel, the postman’s going to have to be clever to get this one through the letterbox”.

          I waited, and sure enough a parcel arrived.  It was a new orange umbrella wrapped up in brown paper and sent through the post 🙂

          And the postman did push it through my letterbox 😀


11 thoughts on “Umbrella puddle

    • Thanks.
      Would you believe this was taken in the carpark behind my house. I had walked all the way home before I found a “non-boring” puddle 🙂
      However, now I know where it is I shall be venturing out with the camera when it rains again to catch the raindrops too 😀

  1. Puddle reflections are great fun aren’t they? I’m hopeless with umbrellas – I must buy substandard ones I think because they always break with very little use.

    • I took a few rain drip photos too, but they didn’t work so well so I’ll go back and have another go when it rains next. Who would ever have believed I would be waiting for rain !

    • Thanks, I have one of those handbags like my Nana’s, it has everything in it except the kitchen sink so I’ve usually got a small black umbrella stuffed in there somewhere … just incase 🙂

    • Thanks, I swap things regularly with my sister through the post. We don’t put a letter or anything in, just pack up the parcel and post it.
      No one likes Bounties in her house and only my middle daughter does in ours so she usually gets a parcel with the small bounties from the Celebrations chocolates in January.
      Some of the packaging in work included huge elastic bands. Once when my Nephew was comming to stay I saved them for him to make an elastic band bouncy ball. Now I just collect them and post them off when I’ve got a good handful.
      With all the technical stuff around today, it’s still fun to get a parcel now and again 🙂

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