I was pretty certain there were only four windmills alongside one of the wider busier canals around the outside of Brugge but I appear to have photographed five !

          Windmill 1, white windmill on stilts …


          Windmill 2, brown windmill with fence …


          Windmil 3, silouette windmill on stilts …


          Windmill 4, black and white windmill with fence …


          Windmill 5, red windmill …


          That’s definately five different pictures so there must have been five windmills.  It was a lovely walk under the trees along the canal.

           More from before: pictures from my holiday in “Brugge” in July 2011.

12 thoughts on “Windmills

  1. I like these a lot, so very colorful! (I think that you might be right, that there are only 4 windmills. Windmills 2 and 4 look suspiciously alike, just from a different angle and lighting. I could be wrong, though)

  2. I LOVE it! I’m American but of Dutch heritage (yes, I’m over 5’9″, blonde hair, blue eyes, big feet) and even grew up 20 miles north of a town called Holland, likely named by the Dutch immigrants. I love the windmills!

    • I think windmills are briliant too, I’m off to the Isle of Wight in September and was looking forward to a windmill I’d found there, imagine my smile when I found this many in Brugge 😀

    • A loft conversion maybe ? … like it !
      The male-female question is high in my mind at the moment (I think Roger has turned out to be a girl).
      These all look like little girl windmills with big bows in their hair 😀

  3. Ah ha ! I’ve worked it out. I was confused by the order of the photos but ..
    Windmil 2 was taken from the top of the hill at windmil 1 so I asumed it was the second one.
    It looks as if windmil 3 was the second one, hidden from sight from the hill of windmil 1 so when I got to windmil 4 it was actually windmil 2 from a different angle which in real terms would make it windmil 3 ?

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