Horse and Carriage

          Quite by accident we stumbled across the base for the horses and their carriages whilst wandering around Brugge on our summer evening.  The design of the drinking fountain seems to suggest they have been using the same spot for a long time.

          It was another little square with cobblestones and cafe culture, very pretty so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves …

           More from before: pictures from my holiday in “Brugge” in July 2011.


10 thoughts on “Horse and Carriage

  1. How lovely – idyllic. Makes me yearn even more for a long-forgotten slower pace of life! The horse and carriage transport and pedestrianised streets tie-in with the cafe culture of the Continent. We just can’t do it in England: try and sit outside a cafe or bar here and you have to hold on tight as you’re likely to get blown into the road by a passing juggernaut………

    • It was a double sided fountain … No, the other end wasn’t a tail, it was another head but that doesn’t matter anymore because the picture is in my head now and is making me smile 😀

    • I’m not sure what to call the “drivers” either but it would be a good job, you would see the horse and carriages everywhere, the passengers varied in numbers, ages and sizes and the “drivers” would be pointing at the pretty buildings and giving a running commentary on the trip 😀

    • They were brilliant 🙂 lots of the pavements and roads seemed to be made of small cubes of stones, the road markings weren’t painted on, they were “planted” in a different colour and very often in the various Grand Squares and open spaces the pavements were patterened in different colours.
      Needless to say, I took lots of different floor pictures – much to the bewilderment of my other half 😀

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