Evening Stroll

          This is what Brugge is all about, just relaxing and enjoying the sights … is it any wonder I took so many photos ?

          The traffic ….

2011-07. Brugge traffic.

          The crowds of shoppers …

2011-07. Brugge shoppers.

         The clockwatching …

2011-07. Brugge clock.

          And the busy streets …

2011-07. Brugge street.

           More from before: pictures from my holiday in “Brugge” in July 2011.


8 thoughts on “Evening Stroll

  1. I love these photographs. More places should become pedestrianised like this. I think it would do people good to slow down more and take in the views – and nature. There might be a little less stress around.

    • The top and bottom photos weren’t pedestrianised, they were just normal streets. The cars have a complicated one way system to follow around the area where as pushbikes and scooters can go either way, not sure about the horse and carriages on that point, but the cars seem to steer clear of the area because it’s hard work.
      I went to Venice a few years back and the pace of life in the two places is very similar … slow, very slow, and stop for coffee or a beer. 🙂

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