Evening Entertainment

          Ok, so this isn’t one of the better photos I’ve taken, but trust me, it’s nowhere near the worst and it does show part of the evening’s entertainment.

          We decided on an evening out in Oxford before this payday’s money ran out so since I’m not a big “party animal” we went for a few drinks and a very nice meal at Prezzo.  This one-man-band was one of the street entertainers out and about for the evening and one of the “party people” decided to join in making everyone smile.

          I think we ended up in Chequers, All Bar One, a quick scout at the Turf Tavern in full flow and then ended up in the Crown, but the entertainment didn’t stop there.  We caught the night bus home (Harry Potter eat your heart out).

          Normally, if I’m out with one of my girls and we get a late bus home we sit downstairs on the bus, near to the driver.  This time I had my other half with me so as downstairs was pretty full I popped upstairs to see if there were any gaps and spotted one empty double seat near to the back – an unthinkable place to sit for a couple of girls on their way home at that time of night.

          I called downstairs to say I’d found a seat and headed towards the rowdy males sitting in the area of the empty seat.  I could see them sitting up and taking notice of this little female heading their way, preening themselves like cockatoos, it was quite funny watching them as I walked along the bus but even funnier when my other half appeared at the top of the stairs behind me and their shoulders dropped and they slumped back into their seats avoiding the gaze of his protective scowl.

9 thoughts on “Evening Entertainment

  1. It sounds like a fun evening! I can’t even imagine the bus ride, we don’t have public transportation in my town, let alone something like a double-decker bus. I must try it some day! 🙂

    • I can’t imagine not having public transport. If you do ever get a chance to try it, you really must. The view from the top of a double decker bus is not to be missed 🙂

  2. Oh, double decker buses remind me of London and growing up there. We only have single deckers here. Love the photo even if you say it’s not one of your better ones.
    As an aside do you always carry your camera even when going out for the evening with your husband? 🙂

    • My camera’s only a little one so I can slip it into my pocket or handbag so I try to take it most places with me. You can almost guarantee I’ll see a really good photo at a time when I don’t have it 🙂

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