Well, well, well …

          … What a lot of water.

          Being surprised how well my man-hole cover “on route to Brugge” turned out I’ve paid a lot more attention to the covers around me, almost to the extent that people just shake their heads at that “mad woman” taking photos of the floor again.  I couldn’t get over how many different types of covers there are, so many that I’ve decided to split them into a couple of posts.  It’s no wonder our roads and pavements are in a constant state of being either dug up or filled in.

          I only saw one of these, I originally thought to look for a slightly cleaner one but in the end decided the tarmac and grit gave it a nice character.

          These two covers were a lot smaller, you could probably fit 12 (3×4) in the cover above.  The Stop Cock, or Water Stop Tap are both the same thing, a tap, located outside the house and found down a hole about a metre deep.  The theory is that if the indoor stoptap which is usually located on the supply water pipe under the kitchen sink breaks you can turn the water off at one of these stoptaps outside.

          Our inside stoptap broke recently and I had to call our friendly plumber out to help.  We couldn’t turn off the tap outside, it was already broken so my plumber sprayed the pipe indoors with “something” which froze the water in the pipe and allowed him to change our indoor stoptap with very little mess and fuss at all. (If you find a friendly plumber hang on to him, they’re worth their weight in gold).

          These two are water meter covers, the original older type above and the newer one below which is springing up everywhere now.  (I even stopped in the rain on the way home from work to snap this one).

          All newly built properties in the area have their water metered.  Some of the old ones do, some don’t.  You’re encouraged by the waterboard to have meters installed and I don’t even think there’s a charge for it.  If you have children at home, do lots of washing or water a large garden it’s in your advantage to stay unmetered, but if the family have moved out and the garden has been paved with a patio or such then it’s probably a good idea to ask to be put on a metre with the hope of lowering your water bill. Either way, you have to make the decision for yourselves and live with the results because a water meter isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for life.


5 thoughts on “Well, well, well …

  1. I’d never really looked at these covers that closely before but they are really interesting. I like the original Thames Water one – so much more stylish with a pride of workmanship in it and the wavy water lines and font.

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