Happy Sunflower

2011-07. Sunflower.

          I’ve been taking it easy for the last week, nursing my back which has been misbehaving since “Moving House” last weekend.  The real world is pulling me back to reality with a vengeance today so I’ll drop back in a short while.  In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this happy sunflower I snapped a while ago. Enjoy.


10 thoughts on “Happy Sunflower

  1. That is a lovely happy Sunflower! They are beautiful flowers. It’s a case of great minds today as I have a Sunflower image lined up too!

    Take care of that back – back pain is a real misery. Have a good week!

    • Lots better now thanks, I have another week of holiday to use up before I go back to work so hoping to be completely fixed by then. (bought a huge sunflower umbrella last week, watch out for a pic later on when we need it more).

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