Night lights

          I visited Robin’s post “Misty Morning” whilst catching up with a couple of blogs this morning and was impressed by her picture of Detroit at night.  It reminded me that I still had some pictures of the Shanklin Chine lit up at night to show you.




61-coloured-water          I deleted a lot of rubbish ones but these few worked pretty well.  With the days becoming shorter I’m going to have chance to practice night shots before the Christmas lights are up everywhere this year, I’ll post anything that works and would welcome any comments or suggestions about taking night pictures.  Some of the pictures I’ve seen on your blogs are wonderful but mine are a bit hit and miss, my little red camera is pretty simple but has a night setting on it so I’ll have a play and see what I come up with.


19 thoughts on “Night lights

  1. Some really beautiful colors! I would suggest for your night shots that whenever possible use a tripod. If you don’t have one available, brace the camera against something to reduce shake. Vibration is the bane of the night shooter! 🙂

    • Thanks, I think the second bridge is the clearest and I seem to remember holding the camera against a wooden railing. I don’t have a tripod but I have a feeling there’s an anti-shake setting on the camera, maybe it be worth checking that out for night shots.

  2. I love the different colours in these night-time shots!

    I don’t have very much experience of night-time shots. I went outside to photograph a rather lovely misty moon a few weeks ago – the results were awful as I don’t, as yet, have a tripod and had to hold the camera. As Ted says, either a tripod or something to brace the camera against is probably a must. That’s as far as my knowledge goes for night-time shots. I would like to get some practise in before bonfire night and the Christmas lights 🙂

    • Thanks, I’ve got some daytime pictures of Shanklin Chine which I haven’t posted yet, we went in twice so that we could see the lights. They had placed the coloured lights here and there to make it look pretty.
      I’d forgotten about bonfire night before the christmas lights start to arrive. There’s usually an organised display here, I haven’t been since the girls started to go with friends, maybe I’ll venture out there again this year. 🙂

  3. Hallysann – you mentioned on one of my recent posts that you might venture out this weekend to make the most of the nice weather for some Autumn shots. It came to my attention today that the National Trust have arranged another of their ‘free weekends’ this weekend.

    You might already be a member, but if not and you’re interested you just need to buy this weeks’ Radio Times which has a voucher inside. I’ve been looking out for the free weekend all year – last year it was held in the Spring and I took advantage and went to Stourhead. I’ll probably go there again. Here are the details from the NT website which lists participating places:

    It’s a good offer and gives the opportunity to visit a really fab place.


    • Thank for the tip 😀 I bought my radio times on the way home from work this morning, now I just have to work out where I can visit via the bus. Looking forward to seeing your NT pictures.

  4. These are great … I imagine little hobbits peeking around every bend. And as some of the others have said, the best night shots are taken on a tripod so you can have a lower shutter speed and not get any blurriness. Easier said than done, I know! =>

    • Hmmm, I can’t ever see me carrying lots of quipment around, my little red camera just fits in my handbag ( along with the rest of the house including the kitchen sink) so I’ll have to improvise … Lamposts, postsboxes, bins, fences etc.
      I hadn’t thought of hobbits peeping from under the bridge, I’ll do the day shots this weekend, see if we can see any of them hiding. 😀

  5. Hi Hally,

    Went through many of the other posts and really liked many ones, especially the ones by the beach.. Congrats on those images!

    Regarding this one , I have some suggestions (in case you haven’t heard them before)

    1. Whenever I used to take night images with my point and shoot, I’d use this. I would keep the camera in night mode/manual (my lumix lz 10 allowed upto 60 sec exposure) and turn the timer on, then stand back and watch the magic happen. I’ve a great image which I love, obtained using that technique..

    2. Always keep your camera on a stable surface while shooting at night.. Be it a ledge, brick or raised wall.. This image, though obtained by sheer luck, was taken by keeping the camera on the window of a moving bus .

    3.Another trick is to light the subject using a torchlight.

    Hope you find them useful.


    PS.I don’t like the last one which is blurred, in this post..

    • Hi Georgie, thanks for stopping by. And thanks for the tips.
      The picture in the first link is amazing, it’s given me something to aim for. Will definately be playing around with the camera settings this winter. 🙂
      P.s I’m not too happy with the bluring on the last one either, but you should have seen the ones I deleted 😀 (or perhaps not).

  6. 🙂 good luck for the winter images… As of now, I don’t take much night exposure, I focus on color images from the streets of my place (you can check out my blog, if you’d like). I used to take many night shots before, when i had the lumix LZ20… there are some more night shots in my flickr stream as well..

    I had forgotten the most important suggestion for night shooting. Get a tripod if you havent got one.. any cheap one (beg, borrow or steal 😉 ) will do… There is another option called the gorillapod- a flexible, strong tripod..

  7. These are great, Hally. I love the different colors. I see you have already received some great advice regarding night photography. I can’t think of anything to add.

    Thank you so much for the link. 🙂

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