Appreciating Autumn

          For most people this is just a pretty picture of the autumn colours of a tree with a blue sky in the background but for me it’s a huge milestone.

          Firstly, I actually went out looking at the colours of the trees, then I found this pretty enough to take a photo of it, and what’s more, I liked it enough to give it the space as my desktop picture for today.

          Big deal ? So what ?

          Well, for the last (lets just say “over forty”) years the only thing I have seen Autumn as is a prelude to Winter.  The leaves fall off the trees, the floor gets muddy, the rain and keeps me indoors, the flowers die, the branches on the trees become harsh and threatening, everything gets dark and cold and I have a tendency to “hibernate” until spring.

          I had my new camera for Christmas last year and I hardly used it until spring arrived when I could go out into the sunshine to find happy photos.  This year I’m looking through the trees for views which are usually hidden away behind the leaves, I’ve been out taking puddle photos in the rain, I’m practicing night shots ready to go out and play in the dark and I’m actually looking forward to the snow forecast for October.

          That reminds me, I haven’t bought any wellies yet, has anyone seen any for sale with sunflowers on to match my new umbrella ?

12 thoughts on “Appreciating Autumn

  1. Congrats on a very lovely photo indeed, Hallysann! And congratulations on viewing the changing of the seasons as an opportunity for exploration and new perspectives. You’ve inspired/reminded me to do the same.

  2. Hey Hallysan – great picture and my grandchildren bought me gumboots aka wellies that are green with little white daisies. Sorry haven’t seen any with sunflowers. But just off to the garden centre so will have a look there.

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