I walked home though the park on “Friday morning” on my way home from breakfast.  There was a skateboard park built at the one end a few years ago and there’s been quite a bit of mixed feelings and opinions about it.  On Friday I noticed they had a new bench next to the skatepark.

          It wasn’t the usual type of bench, sort of modern looking, not like the wooden benches in the rest of the park.  As I drew nearer I saw it had a commemorative plaque on the back for Neil, a 19-year-old who “Loved to Skate”.  It reminded me of some graffiti I photographed at the skatepark opposite on a previous visit.

          Teenagers have feelings too.

6 thoughts on “Rememberd

    • It’s not right for our children to go before us but if we spend our lives worrying about it we’ll miss out on the time we have together now.
      (sorry about the goosebumps).

  1. Oh, what a sad story my friend.

    One day you decide going out for a walk through the park in a sunny day and, in all of a sudden, you realise (by a couple of coincidenses) that a young person has dead…you get saddened by that, even if you didn’t know that person.

    I liked your story mate, very sentimental.
    See you around.

  2. I happened upon a similar scene last year, when I met two young men who were crying near a friend’s roadside memorial. It broke my heart that there was nothing I could say or do to offer comfort.

    I’m glad someone put up a bench in young Neil’s honor. It’s a wonderful reminder to stop and smell the roses, and to cherish every moment.

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