Millenium Bridge

         I clicked on the “Random Post” button for some inspiration and arrived at “Old Castle” so here’s another picture from a weekend in Newcastle in October 2009.  I think you can see five bridges from the River Tyne here, the nearest one being the Millenium Bridge.

millenium-bridge-newcastle-oct-2009          I took a number of photos of the bridges from different angles as I walked alongside the river, this was the angle I finally liked after climbing up a ridiculous number of steps and finding I was just around the corner from our hotel.

The original was as dull and grey as the overcast sky so since the sun put in an appearance the following morning as Hubby was checking out, I disappeared with my camera to find the steps (from the top this time) and took the picture again with much happier results.

10 thoughts on “Millenium Bridge

  1. Great shot – very dramatic! Sometimes you’ve just got to get into a high or difficult position for the right shot!

    They have some beautiful bridges up there – I really like the Millenium bridge.

    • Thanks. Sometimes a photo makes me smile because I like it and sometimes my bad photos make me smile more because I’m remembering the position I had to get into to take it. 🙂

    • Thanks, I’m glad I went back the next morning to try again, I told Hubby I wouldn’t be long but the sun came out a little more each time I decided to go, I took about seven or eight photos in the end, each one better than the previous one.
      He knows me well, when I got back he’d checked out and was sitting in the carpark reading his newspaper.

  2. Great photographs. I looked at the shot and tried to work out where you had taken it from – my mind was on the Millennium Bridge in London. Duh! 🙂

    • Ta, I’ve been trying to remember the last time I went to London, I couldn’t, so I looked it up on the old phtots. 2003 ! That’s mad, I must try and get one of those cheap day tickets you can book in advance and take a trip there with the camera again.

    • Thanks, I tried to do the same sort of thing from the other end of the bridges, the result wasn’t too bad, but this one was better. I’ll go back in the files again and post the other one too at some time. 🙂

    • The bridges along this stretch of the Tyne are quite dramatic aren’t they. 🙂
      Thanks for dipping into the archives, it’s always more fun looking back with someone else too. 🙂

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