Rosemary and James

2011-10. Gma Rosie, Gpa Jim.

          After “Meanderer ” told me that The National Trust had a free weekend via a voucher in Radio Times, I scoured the web to find somewhere for a day out on Sunday with my Mum-in-law to enjoy the late summer sunshine but due to the restrictions of public transport failed abysmally.

          We did however find that it was the Banbury Canal Day so went along there and had a really good day, lots of photos to follow but for just a quickie post here’s two characters from the top of one of the barges …

          Grandma Rosie and Grampa Jim.

           More from before: Various visits to “Banbury“.


3 thoughts on “Rosemary and James

    • I thought they were good too. My eldest was very “into” Rosie and Jim, she even had the theme tune as her ringtone. I worked with a lady called Rosie and tried hard for months not to sing the Rosie and Jim song then when Christmas arrived she signed a card for me from herself and her husband … Rosie … & Jim ! 😀

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