After my post yesterday of the “Alternate Power” and the view of the “Colliery” at Pleasley I thought I’d finish up with a couple of snaps I took at the Nature Reserve and around the tiny town of Pleasley itself.

          There’s not a lot in the tiny village of Pleasley but if you do visit the Nature Reserve pop down to the local pubs and enjoy the very pretty water area in the centre.

          Derbyshire County Council has a page on Pleasley Pit Country Park and Pleasley Colliery has its own website.


8 thoughts on “Pleasley

  1. Lovely images! I love the way that some of our most industrial areas are also home to the prettiest scenes. Many thanks for highlighting this place which I knew nothing about previously.

    • I found it by pure luck, Hubby was spending the petrol on the trip whether I went or not and I wouldn’t have gone along for the ride if the pit hadn’t been marked on the map. I usually check out the map when we go anywhere now because I’ve found a lot of surprises that way. 🙂

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