Ever present

          This tree is outside our house, it’s been outside our house since we moved in and it was the same size then so I have no idea how old it is or how long it’s been there.  It’s there in the morning when I wake up (or arrive home from work) and it’s still there in the evening.  The plants come and go, the seasons pass but the tree is always there.

          There’s another picture of this tree in one of my early posts, “Sold“, then it was covered in pink blossom with happy yellow daffodils beneath it.  This time it was April in 2008 and I opened the curtains to be greeted by a white blanket covering everything.  It was still snowing but there wasn’t even a slight breeze and the snow had gently settled wherever it could land.

          It’s difficult to believe but the two pictures must have been taken at about the same time of year.  If you look closely at the bottom of this picture you can just about see some of the daffodil heads weighed down by the snow.

11 thoughts on “Ever present

  1. I really love this photograph – it’s such a pretty view. I love the way the wood shows through in parts both on the tree and on the fence. It’s colder this morning – a reminder that snow might not be that far away if we have another Winter like the previous couple 🙂

    • Thanks, as a kid I used to doodle shapes and letters and add perfect “shadows” to two sides to make everything stand out as if it was “3D”. Not quite the usual doodles you’d expect from a kid but I wasn’t quite the usual kind of kid.
      The snow on the fence and tree reminded me of my doodles. 🙂

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