Something for everyone

          I’ve recently had reason to move my Isle of Man pictures for safe-keeping so I thought I’d show you a few more.  These are all of Peel, which as you can see from the first photo has something for everyone.  A sandy beach, a harbour, a secret cove and a castle. My camera really earned it’s keep on the day we visited Peel.

170-peel-waters          The old ruins of the castle still stand proudly to the front of Peel, protecting it from the invading tides and seagulls.

148-peel-castle          The quiet cove, hidden by the castle from the storms provides a quiet, calm escape on a busy summers day.

169-peel-castle-cove          The harbour; well what can I say, see for yourself.


149-peel-harbour          And of course, the beach.  As I said, something for everyone.

178-peel-beach           More from before : pictures and posts about our holiday in the “Isle of Man” in July 2009.

6 thoughts on “Something for everyone

  1. *Swoon*! What a beautiful place … and what beautiful photos! I very much hope to follow you to the Isle of Man someday. Thanks for starting my day off on such a lovely note, Hallysann.

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