Banbury Barges

          As promised after my post “Ever present” on Saturday with a little too much snow, here are some more bright and cheerful pictures from our warm start to October at the Banbury Canal Day.

2011-10. Jolly barge.

2011-10. Jolly trio.

          The chap in the next picture had a good time too.  The theme for the day was “red, white and blue” so he decked out his little motor boat and buzzed in and out of the barges all day.

2011-10. Little boat.

2011-10. Busy barges.

          Banbury Canal Day is a very popular event.  I’ve never been before but after my visit this time I’m pretty sure I’ll be there helping to swell the numbers again next year.  For anyone who prefers quieter waters, visit my post “Argey Bargey” to see the area on a normal shopping day.

2011-10. Busy canal.

          More from before: Various visits to “Banbury“.


14 thoughts on “Banbury Barges

  1. That picture of the chap among the barges in his little dinghy is priceless. Thank you for this day-brightener of a post!

  2. Just logged on and read your post. You brighten the day with your lovely photos. Thank you. And that day looked like great fun. Do go again next year and send more photos. 🙂

    • It was a really good day, thanks, if I make it again next year then I’ll take some pictures of the wonderful market stalls, they had something to make everyone smile there. 🙂

    • It was a very lucky find, I’d aranged a National Trust day out with Mum-in-law but couldn’t find anywhere we could get to on public transport. A friend had mentioned it the week before and when I googled it I found it was on the right day so we went …
      A very lucky find indeed. 🙂

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