Memory merge

           Yesterday when I was looking at “Heatherblog” Hubby asked my what I was smiling at and we ended up reminiscing about our Paris trips.

          In October 2006 we went for the night out at The Moulin Rouge and on our next trip, July 2008, we took the opportunity for an evening at The Crazy Horse.  It appears I’ve merged the two memories together so lets see if I can separate them both here.

          The Moulin Rouge …

          The Moulin Rouge area is “buzzing” and although I’m not a great fan of the buzz I held onto Hubby’s hand and let him take the lead.  We wandered in and out of shops along the way and eventually ended up in what I think was an American Diner across the road from the club for a drink or two before we went in. 

          Inside the Moulin Rouge, we were seated in the balcony at a table of eight, where once everyone was settled, we had quite a good view of the whole stage.  The show was full of big dance numbers and lavish costumes with plumes and feather fans, it was the sort of entertainment you would see in the old-fashioned musicals – with a little more skin showing than tin he musicals maybe. 

          I’m not sure if the photo was taken before or after the show, being in October it could quite possibly have been before we went in but I have a feeling it was after.  There was a raised paved area across the road from the entrance and I remember clambering up on that for a better shot.  There was another couple taking photos too and they asked me to take their photo together for them.  I’m always more than happy to oblige when asked and in return they took a picture of me and Hubby too, together in front of the Moulin Rouge.

          The Crazy Horse …

          I remember taking some photos of the outside of The Crazy Horse before we went in.  We were a little early so waited outside for a while then went in and waited on one of the seats provided in the reception area.

          A rather loud, large “lady” came in, dressed to the nines and wearing all her bling, to pick up her tickets.  She enquired very loudly if these were the best tickets in the house as the hotel had ordered them for her and assured her that she would be getting the best seats.  Inside, amusingly, we were seated at the table next to the “lady”, there was an empty table with two seats just in front of us and she asked to be moved forward, being most annoyed when she was told she could not, and even more annoyed when a small oriental couple were seated in front of her. She made me chuckle.

          I remember the show being a lot more high-tech, with the dancers wearing costumes more than plumes and feathers, the dances were more intimate, as if they were dancing just for us and not for a large audience.

          Trying to recall these two trips now is almost impossible and partly the reason why I chose memories as my blog theme in the first place.  I’m hoping that writing this down will trigger a few more memories of what were both good nights out.  Hubby is hoping for a visit to The Lido when we next visit Paris, if we go then I’ll come home and write everything down immediately.

           More from before: “Paris” … and not just in the springtime.


7 thoughts on “Memory merge

    • You’re welcome, I just wish I could remember the shows better, Hubby says he has the programs somewhere, maybe a browse through them would jog a few more of the old brain cells. 🙂

    • I hadn’t heard of The Crazy Horse before then either but apparently it’s older than the Moulin Rouge. Although the Crazy Horse has definitely had a better face lift, I still I prefered the Moulin Rouge. 🙂

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