… of Comfort and Joy …

2011-11. Comfortable Alice.

          Alice enjoying the warm comfort of indoors.


10 thoughts on “… of Comfort and Joy …

  1. Oh my, I love the ears flopped different directions and the back legs relaxed straight back. She looks like someone took a tar brush to her though with that stripe across her back. So cute.

    • I think she must be semi-lop or something, one ear always flops down. This was the first time she was relaxed enough in the house to stretch out … I was supidly pleased to see her doing it, made my day. 🙂

    • Thanks, we open her hutch in the morning and close it at night but she doesn’t like the cold weather and sits on her carpeted shelf until either the sun comes out or we shout her to come and play indoors. However, all this resting is helping the fur to grow back on her feet. 🙂

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