Oranger and oranger

          I’m digging way back into the memories for today’s post, we moved to our house here about thirteen and a half years ago, the longest I’ve ever lived in one house for.  We had some rickety paving slabs as a patio in the back garden and a concrete path leading to some broken slabs as a crazy-paving path to the back gate.  Finally in 2002 I tackled the back garden and made a sort of flower-bed at the back of the brick shed amongst the crazy paved path.  It wasn’t much and I’m by no means what you could call a gardener but I was pleased with it.

          I bought a few Alpine plants, put them in and must have remembered to water them often enough because they grew quite nicely.

          I posted before about “The Enormous tree stump“, the garden improvements were all happening around the same time.

          Hubby worked out the finances and put enough money aside to pay a man to come and put a block paving patio and path down, He seemed a little amused when I said I wanted to keep my little flower-bed but obliged with a neat little brick wall around it for me so in March 2003 is when I planted my orange Pyracantha bush.

          I nurtured my little flowers with my not-so-green fingers and in June of that year was paid off with a show of my first Pyracantha flowers.

          Since then my Pyracantha has grown in size and strength with differing results each year. 

          One year we had no flowers at all and the bush a little way further down the street had a beautiful show.  I spotted the owner trimming his bush the following year and stopped to chat about the right time to cut mine back.  Following his advice I had the best show of orange berries I’d ever had.  I took a photo on my mobile phone and carried it with me until he was out in his garden again when I passed.  He said he had actually thought about me when the berries came out and seemed genuinely pleased that I’d saved him a photo.


          This year, between them Rabbitt and Alice have trimmed the bottom of the bush but the strange weather means that we’ve already had next springs growth so it will be interesting to see if the berries are as bountiful as before.


5 thoughts on “Oranger and oranger

    • Thanks, I’ll have to work out what to do with the bottom of the flowerbed this year. I’ve had to “think outside of the box” to rabitt-proof the rest of the garden but I think we’ve got a pretty good balance now.

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