Take a tram

          Doesn’t time fly, I must be having fun ?!

          Since it’s December tomorrow and people are already putting up Christmas decorations I thought I’d squeeze in the lighted trams from Blackpool before November finished …

2011-11. Illuminated train.

2011-11. Fishermens friend 2.

2011-11. Life without limits 2.

          The council cut the budget for the Blackpool Lights this year to help pay for the improvements.  The locals weren’t too pleased because the lights bring a lot of visitors but the trams still looked good and anyone who hadn’t seen the lights before would have still really enjoyed them.

          I didn’t get chance to use the tripod I was given for my birthday, everywhere was too busy but I’m planning on playing with it with the christmas decorated houses.


7 thoughts on “Take a tram

    • This year the Blackpool Illuminations ran from August 31st to November 4th. We were in Blackpool for the first weekend in November so were just in time to catch the last weekend of the lights.
      They run every year, the street along the prom is lit up by thousands of lights fixed to, and swinging from, the lamposts (my photos didn’t come out so well of these). They do a very good job of helping to extend the holiday season to all year round.

  1. Nice night shots. The color is vibrant and the clarity is good. I see a lot of shots that are just the tiniest bit blurred because people don’t understand ISO. It is good to see a nice set of them.

    • Thanks, I’m just learning to do night shots, all I really know so far is the shutter stays open longer so I have to stay really really still. I deleted a lot more than I kept, but I’ll keep practicing. 🙂

      • I always delete a lot more than I keep, but I am brutal about it – I just keep narrowing down my choices, whittling away comparing one with another until I am left of 3 or 4 then I like the best.
        I just read an article on Digital Photography School about saving every image and I am amazed at how many people do save every one. Photo hoarders!

    • It was. 🙂
      There are three piers on Blackpool prom; North, Central, and South piers, I think the lights used to run the full three miles from North to South Pier. You get a precesion of cars driving slowly from one to the other, most with faces pressed against the windows, but the odd one or two you see children standing up through the roof window … a bit like the Popemobile. 🙂

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