Under the tree

          This is another image from the Christmas decorations in Milton Keynes.  Notice how the bricks on the wall of the house have the same toy-shop look as the bridge in “Chuffed“.

          There will be no presents under the tree again in our house this year.  (There will be presents, just not under the tree).  Last year Rabbitt was running around indoors and since we’d given him paper and cardboard boxes to play with we didn’t think it was fair to put boxes wrapped in pretty paper on the floor and shout at him for eating them.  He had fun enough with the decorations though,  He would creep slowly to the wall behind the tree and then run out into the room making as many baubles jangle as he could.  I wonder what Alice will think of it this year ?

          I remember our very first Christmas tree, it was just three feet (1 metre) tall and being a budget one didn’t have too many branches when it was new so after a year or two they were very few and far between.  My eldest daughter was born in the summer so by Christmas was of the age to be getting into everywhere and everything (a bit like Rabbitt).

          After a little creative thinking I turned the very top wiry branch into a loop and hung the tree on the wall, just high enough to keep it out of harms way, with the added bonus that the small number of remaining branches only had to spread half way around the tree.

           Read more about … “Milton Keynes


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