Light house

          I mentioned  in “Deck the Walls” that I wasn’t sure if I should be photographing other people’s houses or not but here’s one house in our town who encourages you to go and see.  They decorate the house every year, adding a little more each year and this year they’ve really outdone themselves.  The house is at the end of a dead-end road and they’ve put a sign on the wall saying “Turn on drive if you wish” which I thought was a nice touch.  I just took a quick snap on the way to work this week, I’ll return later today (weather permitting) and take a few more pictures then I’ll drop a few coins in the charity box which is provided outside, another nice touch I think.


4 thoughts on “Light house

  1. Wow! i think it is impossible to see such a christmas themed house in my country lol! This is so typically american! because, you are american, aren’t you?

    regarding to the electric bill…lol!

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